My Bio:

My name is Lisa J Stoffel. I was born in December 1967 in Ogden Utah and came to Portland Oregon the summer of 1976. I graduated from Franklin High School in 1986. While in high school I was active in outdoor school and the childcare program. I attended Mt. Hood Committee College where I got my AA degree in Early Childhood Education. In 1992 I married my high school sweet heart, Erin, and in 1996 we gave birth to our son Treasure. Shortly after his birth we learned he has a genetic disorder know as William’s Syndrome. In October of that year I left my career in center based child care to be home with our son and start my own home based child care. In February 2005 we became foster parents to a boy in my son’s special education class with VCF. One month later we took in his sister who has Autism and in 2006 we became permanent foster parents to both of them.
I have worked as an aid, cook, driver, head teacher, assistant director and then director in several child care centers around Portland from the summer of 1986 until the fall of 1998. In October of 1998 I started my own family child care and began building an inclusive child centered program. Since 1991 I have been a trainer in early brain development and child abuse and reporting. I have been a state wide mentor trough PSU to other child care providers. I have taught classes for child care providers on beginning ASL and making their programs accessible to children with disabilities. I have been a member of Pro, OAYCE, William Syndrome association, Austin of Oregon, NAFCC, Oregon AFSCME Union and I have over 300 hours of continuing education.

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